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Renovation Plans 


Renovation and reconfiguration of existing 10,000 square foot facility and additional square footage for:

  • Dedicated children’s area and puppet theater
  • Tutor or individual consultation rooms
  • Large public meeting space
  • Outdoor programming space
  • Family Restroom and Nursing Mother’s Room

Focus Areas:

  • Education and Growth
  • Career Advancement
  • Teen Engagement

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Floor Plans & Renderings 

Floor Plans 

Courtyard & Canopy Courtyard & Canopy
Floor Plan Floor Plan

Location Manager

Dee Robinson
Richland Library North Main is truly becoming the center of our community, and a gathering place we can all be proud of. We’re excited to offer our neighbors the latest technology, job-training resources and dedicated spaces that help shape our children into the leaders of tomorrow.  Please feel free to contact me about what’s planned for your library. Dee Robinson Manager, North Main 803.754.7734

Public Art

North Main

Laurie Brownell McIntosh

Columbia-based artist Laurie Brownell McIntosh will bring her ongoing series, Hanging Pages, to Richland Library North Main.  During a two-day workshop, McIntosh will capture the spirit of participants’ community in a permanent, nine-panel installation composed of their deconstructed and reassembled creations.